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Repackaging Services

Repackaging products is a normal part of processing product returns.  At The Returns Lab, we can repackage your product returns into 1st or 2nd quality as directed by you.  The goal is to get your inventory back into sellable shape as quickly as possible.

If part of your specific return process is to get that product turned back around into sellable product quickly, here is the general workflow:

  1. The product return is processed as normal, including an overall inspection.

  2. If the product qualifies as sellable as 1st or 2nd quality, we will do the following:

    • Ensure product is cleaned, folded, re-shaped, etc.

    • Re-tag the product as specified in client’s procedures

    • Repackage the product, ensuring SKU barcodes are correct

    • Product can then be sent back out through our Re-Shipping Service.

Overall requirements for repackaging are ensuring our facility has enough packaging directly from your manufacturer (for specialized packaging), or we can supply all necessary packaging, as needed.  The goal is for a quick turn-around of your products to ensure your product returns management is efficient and profitable.

Throughout these processes available to you, there is 100% complete visibility every step of the way.  From generating pick-up requests, return label generation, and receiving the products back at our facility, you are informed at each step.  You also have the ability to review the data anytime 24/7 via our web-based portal.

We take the worry of product returns, so you and your teams can focus on growing your business to new levels.

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