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Warehousing & Storage

Another obstacle with managing product returns, is deciding where to put your products once they have been returned.  The longer the product sits, the more it costs you and your margin is lost. If the product returns are recalled products, warranty issues, defective, or what have you, we have the ability to put your products into long-term storage in our warehouse until you know exactly what you want to do with them.  


Many times, a client may not be sure what to do with their product returns as they begin to gather in larger quantities.  Rest assured, we have you covered at The Returns Lab. We can store your products long-term or short-term, or even transfer them over to our fulfillment partner, Verde Fulfillment USA, if you are interested in re-shipping your product returns back out to customers on new orders.  Best of all, all clients of The Returns Lab that use our fulfillment partner, are instantly qualified for fulfillment discounts to help you maintain your margins and avoid the pitfall of product returns losses.

Whatever your choice is for warehousing and storage, The Returns Lab can take care of your immediate and long-term needs without question.

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