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Cloud-based = Access Anytime Anywhere

We built our system from the ground up based on what our clients asked for over 20 years. It is intuitive, interactive and solves the biggest issue in product return management: efficiency and maintaining profitability in the process.  

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  • On-Demand Reporting: provides the data you need to dig into the details.  Know the most returned SKU's, reasons, locations, etc.  All reports are exportable in a .csv format for further analysis.
  • Automated shipping labels: enable your customers to create their own return shipping labels, saving time with your own customer service team approval process.
  • Real-time tracking information: see when returns arrive at our facility.
  • Vendor Portal: gives your team valuable insight into each return in real-time.
  • Customer Portal: allows your customers to check on their return status without taking valuable time from your own customer service team. You can even add a link to the customer portal on your own website for easy return processing without needing approvals ahead of time.
  • Add images to returns: our system allows your customers to send pictures of the product return ahead of time so everyone knows what the issue is and what is expected.
  • Complete access to your team for quick credits and refunds
  • Identify problem vs valuable customers
  • Know reasons for returns to identify product problems as they happen
  • Avoid overstock issues with better forward demand planning