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Inventory & Order Fulfillment

One of the biggest obstacles with managing product returns, is deciding what to do with the products once they have been returned.  The longer the product sits, the more it costs you and your margin is lost. One of the best ways to retain margin on your product returns is to add it back into your 1st or 2nd quality products and re-ship it out on new customer orders.

inventory and order fulfillment

Through our fulfillment partnership with Verde Fulfillment USA, we have the ability to transfer products into their facility at no charge to you.  Once in their facility, you can be quickly set-up to begin re-shipping your products back out on orders quickly. Best of all, all clients of The Returns Lab that use our fulfillment partner, are instantly qualified for fulfillment discounts to help you maintain your margins and avoid the pitfall of product returns losses.  

For more information on managing your inventory and order fulfillment, please feel free to visit Verde’s website by clicking here:  Best of all, Verde’s system is also web-based allowing complete visibility into your inventory and orders 24/7.  

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