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Data Analysis & Reporting

Data analysis and reporting options are the key to digging into the details of ‘why’ you have product returns.  Without proper data, you would have no idea why a specific SKU is consistently being returned, like size, color, fit, etc.  The details are in the data.

data analysis

The dashboard gives you an overview of the returns as a whole, however, he web-based portal allows you to run reports on-demand 24/7, then export the data as a .csv file for further analysis.  If you want real-time data, we have the information you need, anytime.

At The Returns Lab, we believe in complete visibility into our product returns processes.  Having data analysis and reporting available to our client anytime you need it is the only way.  Overall, having access to your returns data will help reduce overall returns by providing the ‘why’ of returns, and improve your overall efficiencies by catching trending data ahead of time.  

data analysis

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